Historical Perspective

Camp Trapping was started by Bruce Hawkenson and his wife in June 1971.  Mr Hawkenson, a probation officer, prior to Camp Trapping’s inception, recognized the need for a program to deal with male probationers in conflict with the law and deemed unmanageable within their community.

Securing a tract of land on Trapping Lake, forty-five point five kilometres south of Prince George, Mr. Hawkenson began rudiments of what is now Camp Trapping. In accordance with provincial regulations, a private non-profit organization was established and Camp Trapping became a bonifide rehabilitation resource, operated under the auspices of Cariboo Action Training Society.

Mr. Hawkenson created a program which would challenge the student’s mental and physical capabilities to their fullest potential. The key phrase became, “I think I can; therefore, I can”. The students and staff alike were challenged to give their best effort, and more often than not it proved to be more than they thought they were capable of.

Further, Mr. Hawkenson established a philosophy which helped guide and mould the program to its present status. The philosophy still hold true today and is as follows:

  • I possess a lot of worth as an individual.

  • I have the ability to discover potential qualities within myself.

  • I can develop these by mental, physical and spiritual exercises.

  • I can only maintain my growth and success as I share it with others.