Program Aims and Objectives

  • To develop the maturity level of the participants to exposing them to a wide range of life responsibilities.

  • To increase the interest level of the participants in the world around them by exposing them to a wide variety of experiences.

  • Improvement in the student`s work and school habits through various programs designed to promote practical learning and social skills development.

  • To develop a healthy respect for the rights, privileges and feelings of others in the students.

  • An opportunity for students to improve social skills and effective interaction through cooperative group living.

  • Help the students to develop and clarify his own values and goals.

  • To increase the level of self-motivation by enhancing the student`s self-image in terms of achieving and recognizing success.

Camp Trapping
Camp Trapping Therapeutic Community

Therapeutically, the program uses two major techniques. It comprises a combination of behaviour modification and reality therapy. In the initial weeks, students operate on a point system earning rewards based on the number of points they acquire. To deal with infractions a logical consequence system is utilized. As behavioural problems are assessed, the charts and point system are individualized to emphasize these difficulties and force students to deal with issues identified. They will then progress onto a level system, each level demanding greater responsibility and behavioural contracting, with increased rewards for appropriate behaviour. As students’ progress through the levels, increased peer group counselling occurs with less emphasis on staff limit setting or consequencing.  

Camp Trapping Sweat
Indiginous Programming


We offer indiginous based programming.  We strive to offer a range of cultural experiences ranging from sweats, cultural crafting, medicines and collecting, yuwipi ceramonie, water ceramonies, and any requested cultural component we can arrange that is provided in a safe and nurturing environment.

A large component of our program is an addictions program operated on a weekly basis at camp.  Prince George Urban Aboriginal Justice is our partner on this program and it provided culturally specific addictions counselling and experiences to our Youth.

Back to the Earth Wilderness Experience

This is a major component of the Camp Trapping experience. Safe, yet very challenging and very well led trips are a mainstay of Camp Trapping.

Seasonally dependent, these include canoe instruction followed by multi day trips.

Basic survival skills and overnight excursions are also undertaken using the camp as a base.

Standards for our wilderness activities conform to the manual of Standards and Policies for Outdoor and Wilderness Activities. Camp Trapping has leaders on its staff certified as outdoor instructors.